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  • The #1 provider of on-site forensic education to schools throughout NZ, Registered Facilitators for the Ministry of Education.

  • 100% success rate in recording fingerprints for immigration and visa applications.

  • Independent expert assessments of case work for fingerprint and crime scene analysis for the courts of NZ and overseas.

The first of its kind in New Zealand providing  hands on workshops on the concepts of Forensic Science to schools and colleges.  We can support and enhance your teaching knowledge with a range of activities to engage students of all ages.

Offering a professional service by Police Certified Fingerprint Experts with 100% success rate.

For your immigration and visa requirements - book with us. 

Locations in Auckland and Hawkes Bay. 

Our certified expert can assist Counsel and legal representatives with unbiased advice on the science of fingerprints and crime scene examinations for court case reviews. 

Headed by Thomas Coyle, a fully qualified Forensic Practitioner, he is a former Scotland Yard and Metropolitan Police Fingerprint Expert, specialist Crime scene examiner and Disaster Victim Identification expert with over 35 years’ experience working within these forensic disciplines.

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