Meet Thomas Coyle


I began my career back in the Summer of 1988 as an Assistant Identification Officer based at New Scotland Yard, London. This role was a new concept for the Police to incorporate a fingerprint expert alongside the duties as a crime scene examiner.

After 5 years training, incorporating many theory and practical examinations I qualified as a fingerprint expert and forensic crime scene specialist.

Over the years I have performed many roles including Borough Forensic Manager, Senior Forensic Practitioner and Senior Laboratory Manager throughout London and here in New Zealand.

I have attended and examined hundreds of murder scenes and thousands of many other crime types.

I am also a qualified Disaster Victim Identification Expert dealing with mass death events including the Boxing Day Thai Tsunami and Christchurch Earthquake.


This company was established to provide an insight into the crime scene world using modern day forensic equipment. We aim to deliver a real-life experience as a crime scene examiner taking you through some of the processes that are applied to assist solving a crime.

Other Services

At Forensic Insight Ltd Fingerprint Services we also provide fast and efficient finger & palm printing services for all immigration and visa requirements, employment and commercial uses.

I am also contracted to The Forensic Group as an independent fingerprint expert and specialist crime scene examiner to provide impartial advice to the courts throughout New Zealand and overseas.

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