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Expert Services

Persons within the legal profession can acquire, maintain and enhance their skills and knowledge through a variety of courses provided by Forensic Insight Ltd. These courses are provided as part of the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points system via webinars.

Expert Evidence

As a qualified fingerprint expert witness and specialist crime scene examiner with over 35 years experience. I provide written reviews and present unbiased evidence in courts throughout New Zealand and overseas on matters covering such areas as:-

  • Re-assessing decision making processes of the Crime Scene Examiner at the scene.

  • Development and preservation techniques used by the Police experts within the crime scene / laboratory.

  • Direction and placement of developed finger, palm and footprints.

  • Questions relating to Age of fingerprints within the crime scene or exhibits.

  • Continuity of exhibits throughout the examination techniques.

  • Delays in examinations and the effects this may have on latent prints.

  • Procedures and protocols within the fingerprint section.

  • ACE V

  • Peer reviewing.

  • Reviewing all documentation relating to the crime scene and resulting exhibits.  

For further advice relating to reviews for court cases please visit The Forensic Group.

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