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Legal professionals

Persons within the legal profession can acquire, maintain and enhance their skills and knowledge through a variety of courses provided by Forensic Insight Ltd. These courses are provided as part of the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points system via webinars or on-site training


Expert evidence

For scientific advice and reports relating to evidence for court cases assisting lawyers and solicitors please visit The Forensic Group.

The Forensic Group can also offer the services of a qualified fingerprint expert for an impartial reassessment of the crime scene examination. Reporting an unbiased identification methodology and confirmation reports for all fingerprint related cases throughout New Zealand and worldwide.

For more information please visit The Forensic Group

Key facts


1 - 8 hours

Group size

via webinar or on=site 




CPD learning (1-10 points), hands on experience, informative, educational, problem solving

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