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Forensic Insight loves to work with young minds and encourages both teamwork and independent learning. Our teaching and learning encompasses the National Curriculum incorporating Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Drama, Art and many others.

As certified facilitators for the Ministry of Education, we can visit schools and universities to deliver our forensic workshops.

Is your school registered for PLD Hours? We can come to your school at no charge - just allocated against your PLD Hours.


Talk to us about PLD options and registrations or take a look at the website FIELD-based-STEM – PLD that teachers will appreciate (

Click on the link to complete a draft application for PLD hours


All resources are provided so the preparation work for the school or university is kept to an absolute minimum.

We will teach you the science behind fingerprints, DNA and other trace evidence processed at a crime scene. Students can also take a full set of their own fingerprints and learn how to develop and preserve finger marks using real CSI equipment.


This event offers an exciting and memorable unrivalled CSI forensic science experience combining learning with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment.

Key facts


Min 1 day

Group size

Classes of upto 28 students per session at school site




Develop personal confidence, investigative skills, bringing science to life, hands on, career development. Encompasses national curriculum

Get in touch today to find out what options we have for you. 
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