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Business group events

Forensic Insight delivers team building events and key skills workshops for businesses of all types at our unique crime centre.

This is your chance to examine a true to life murder crime scene using a variety of forensic techniques used by real life crime scene investigators.

Before you enter the crime scene you will be provided with a short presentation giving an insight into crime scene examination, explaining the basic science behind the techniques you will be applying.

Each person will be kitted out with the full personal protective equipment (PPE) to wear during the examination of the scene. You will then collect physical trace evidence including, blood, hair and fingerprints. The fingerprints you develop, will then be analysed, photographed and searched by yourself or group on a fingerprint database to see if an identification can be made to an individual, placing them at the crime scene.

Key facts


Approx. 3-3.5 hours

Group size

4 - 18 people


Crime Centre


Problem solving, Team cohesion, Communication, Motivation, Leadership

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